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Michel Montecrossa says about Mirakali’s Music Movie ‚Cosmic Fantasy‘:
„Mirakali’s ‚Cosmic Fantasy‘ is a beauty-birth-Song-Movie that gives rest from the strains of a wicked human world.
Mirakali commands an incredible power of peace. Like a mother of love she puts right and knows how to fulfill hope.“
Animations, Music, Lyrics & Movie by Mirakali


Song Lyrics
Cosmic Fantasy
Marvelous dreams appear at the horizon
of a cosmic dream.
Intergalactic mystery of a drifting sea
between dream and reality.
Pushing towards the sunrise
of a new galaxy.
Stars like eyes of a cosmic being
dreaming, musing inside your dream.
A planetary song whispering of life.
Cosmic fantasy and a dream
of life and love and bliss.
Bliss of life discovering light sparkling in your eyes,
near to your own mystery.
Beyond understanding,
listening with wonder to every heartbeat
of a living being inside cosmic fantasy.
Yes, one breath and a whole life fulfilled.
Cosmos and light, stars and the might
of a dream pushing towards you.
Knowing all and nothing
of all the wonders inside you.
Lyrics & Music: Mirakali
administered by Michel Montecrossa, 2012 © Mira Sound Germany

Michel Montecrossa about Mirakali’s song ‘Dreambirth’: “When people with a job will care for people without a job, when death penalty will be gone and real peace will rule and all Assad style torture and killer presidents will be removed – then the future time will have come for the Dreambirth of future’s reality.”

Dreambirth of a girl and a boy. / Dreambirth is heavenly joy. / The light returns with golden bliss. /Wonderful the beauty of your kiss. / Day and night you give delight. /You are the guardian of truth and might. / The riddle you solve with a smile. / We rush towards the goal mile for mile.
Dreambirth on a sacred, magic isle. / Dreambirth is heaven’s victory and birth. / Dreambirth brings beauty and bliss upon earth.
Strong is the sea. / Mysterious is her key. / Glorious wide is the sky. Into majestic light we fly. / Dreambirth carries us into golden energy. Dreambirth is joy and heavenly orgy. / Dreambirth of a boy and a girl.
Their love is as precious as a pearl. / When two lovers meet dreambirth awakes. / Nothing can stop the wonder, no storm can touch it.
The angels, nymphs and stars come upon earth. / A new world will come. For all it will be a new birth. / We will sing and dance and love with happiness. / We all will join to collaborate and caress / all beings living on this planet of delight / leading us out of the dark towards the light.
Dreambirth is future’s reality and might.
Lyrics & Music & Movie: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany

Michel Montecrossa about Mirakali’s song ‘Future Earth’:
“Urgent action is needed, action of love that knows and not suppression, bloodbath and police brutality. Urgent action is needed, action of love that gives jobs, kindness, respect and hope, understanding and happy change.
Urgent action is needed, action of love and not opening of fire, more aggression, more unemployment, more regions abandoned, more Strauss-Kahn business and death creating systems. Urgent action is needed, action of life giving love for the Future Earth rising.”

Future Earth
Future Earth rising from the depth / high into the light of a new becoming. / Future Earth is a star that illumines the night / and lets all darkness disappear with its warmth and love.
Future Earth is a new life for a planet and all its beings. / We move towards the tender light of mighty love. / We know with certitude that the good will win. / Love is our strength. Love is our path out of darkness / towards the golden ocean of delight.
The Future Earth is our paradise. / Flowers and meadows bloom with the smile of heaven. / The planet is green and strong with all its woods and oceans. / Future Earth comes from within.
Future Earth lives in the wind and whispers to you: / “Wake up, wake up and move towards the light.“ / The future is bright. The future is the goal.
The future is love and peace, the future is world unity. / The future is worldwide harmony. / Future Earth brings the kingdom of heaven upon earth. / On Future Earth we all are free.
Future Earth is for a new humanity. / Future Earth is friendly and grows with tender power / towards a star of happiness and peace, / oneness and harmony in a cosmic new creation.
Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa © Mira Sound Germany


Mirakali is a fantastic songwriter singing from her thrilling core of wisdom, power, love and beauty. Her rockin‘ and soothin‘ 21st Century songs go along with her abundant creativity as breathtaking cyberartist, moviemaker, poet and writer.
Mirakali since 1992 is playing guitar and keyboard in Michel Montecrossa’s band „The Chosen Few“ and his „Lightsound Orchestra“, with them she is on the road performing 40 to 60 concerts every year.

Michel Montecrossa says about Mirakali’s music:
„Mirakali is a stunning electronica song writer with a warm and brilliant female power expressing itself in her music and lyrics, dedicated to love, peace, freedom and a deep sense of humanity. Her orchestral arrangements as well as her futuristic-dynamic creations are moving beyond all conformity in the free air of vision and the high art of a wonderful personality.“

Band Members: Mirakali (Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard) • Michel Montecrossa (Guitar) • Diana Antara (Keyboard) • Mirachandra (Digital Drums) • David Butterfield (Bass) • Artis Aldschalis (E-violin)